CareU™ Analyzer 100

CareU™ Analyzer 100

Product features


CareU™ Analyzer 100
Glycated hemoglobin measuring device


· Quickly/Accurately integrate all samples and sampling necessary for measuring
· User-oriented test results come out quickly (3minutes) with a small volume of blood sample (3㎕)
· Can receive the results of HbA1c and eAG through single test
· Select the unit of HbA1c ((% or mmol/mol)

About the product

· Built in printer
· Convenience: full color touch screen, multi-lingual options, provide audio guidance
· Compatibility: USB/Ethernet, SW upgrade using USB port
· Automatic lid door:
· Integral cartridge: sample, cell membrane, blood sample


Principles of analysis Boronate affinity
Measured values HbA1c, eAG (Calculated value)
Inspection time 3 minutes
Sample Type Whole blood
Sample volume 3㎕
Measurement range 3-15%
Relation (R) ≥0.98
Degree of precision CV ≤ 3% (Overall scope)
Storage space 1,000 results
Screen 5 "TFT-LCD, Touch screen
Interface USB, Ethernet, barcode, built in printer
Size 304 x 225 x 169 (mm)
Power Interior: 100/240 V AC
exterior: 12V DC, 2.5 A