CEO Message

CEO Message

One’s Life is More Valuable than the World

Healthy life, free from illness, is what mankind has wanted since the beginning of time.
We, Medisensor, are trying our utmost to develop technology and to manufacture
products to contribute to the happiness and health of mankind with the belief that
one’s life is more valuable than the world.

We develop medical devices and diagnostic products that will allow easy disease screening
in the field. We also have the vision of developing into a company that is recognized in the
world market of medical devices and diagnostic products through continuous expansion
and growth.

Life, Companion and Innovation

Management philosophy of Medisensor is life, companionship and innovation.
We will persistently aim at achieving the goal of becoming a leading company in the field
of disease diagnosis for the healthy life of all mankind and receive true trust from everyone,
including clients, stockholders and employees. Also, we will contribute to creating a society
that is free from disease through easier and faster diagnosis with continuous R&D and
persistent quality management. To do so, we are making great efforts to develop into a top
leading company in the world with a pioneering spirit through developing new innovative

Leading Company of Global First Class Diagnosis Bio

We, Medisensor will establish research and production capacity for up and coming
technology developments as a company that takes the lead in changes and innovation.
Also, by establishing an efficient business system and dynamic organization culture,
we will take a step forward to realize the dreams of mankind to
live a healthy life by developing into a leading company of global high class medical devices
and diagnosis tests.

Thank you.