MEDISENSOR,INC is a global in-vitro diagnostic company that provides ultra-sensitive POCT and systematic
diabetic total solutions based on proprietary biosensor technology and up and coming immunochemical diagnosis technology.
We develop and implement ultra-sensitive immune diagnosis technology with quick and accurate biosensors,
immunochemical diagnosis technology and diagnosis technology by combining biochemical diagnosis technology
and biosensor technology. We also maximize business synergy by sharing R&D Infrastructure and Global Biz Network with
strategic accounts. We will do our utmost to engage in unceasing technical innovation and customer satisfaction
with our belief that “one’s life is more valuable than the world” and will be a company
that contributes to the happiness and health of mankind.


Target high-growth areas

Product development
with abundant marketability

TRF- Time Resolved
Fluorescence Technology

-Innovatively improve sensitivity,
   which is the uppermost limit of the    RDT kit
-Ultra-micro marker detecting    technology

Development of New Biosensor

- Easy to use
- Approved and certified
- Immediacy and accuracy

Mass Production Ability

- Self-production of high
   quality products
- Improvement of quality and    reduction of production cost

Field of Business


- Acquired highly sensitive original technology, which is the main technology for Point of Care Test Market (POCT)
- Acquired competence to commercialize the highly sensitive diagnosis kit
- Driven customer value development system


- Secured facility that mass-produces high quality diabetes managing biosensor on the basis of superior production
   cost competence
- Entered the premium market by launching glycated hemoglobin measuring instrument at a technical level of
   Global Top Tier
- Established quick market entering system through strategic partnership with key accounts in each area