R&D Center

We have developed new technologies by reflecting changing market trends and the needs of the customers
and made an effort to include such technologies into the business. Through professional R&D personnel and advanced
technology, we are working on developing biosensors and diagnostic reagents that are safe and reliable.

Ever since the R&D center of Medisensor was recognized as a company-affiliated research institute in 2011,
it has become an immune diagnosis headquarter that develops fluorescent analyzing devices with immune diagnosis kits,
certified advanced time-resolved fluorescence technology using europium nanoparticles in accordance
with the biosensor and highly sensitive antibody development using converged
technology of electro-chemistry, biochemistry and optics with a foundation of innovative technical skills.

Technology and Patent

Biosensor team

Original Technology

· Converged technology of electro-chemistry, biochemistry and optics
· Development of incipient convergence technology by combining IT with diagnosis system
· Electro-chemistry strip manufacturing technology
· IT Technology for wire-wireless communication of barcode information and test results

Related patent

· Simultaneous measurement diagnosis equipment for hemoglobin volume and enzyme activity of the blood within the sample and diagnosis method

Immune diagnosis team

Original Technology

Fluorescence analyzing equipment that uses certified advanced technology of europium fluorescent nano-particles and TRF
Detect ultra-micro marker

· Quantitative analysis technology of immune diagnosis kit in accordance with the development of highly sensitive antibody for the use of immune

Related patent

· Micro-fluid chip containing nano-particles and immune diagnosis equipment
· Fluorescent particles containing gold nano-particles and its manufacturing method
· Highly sensitive detecting method using europium nano-particles
· Chromatography measuring system