February. Acquired CE certification and ISO 13485:2012 (CareU™, CareU™ SMART)
April. Acquired ISO 15197:2015 (CareU™, CareU™ SMART)
November. KFDA certificate (CareU™, CareU™ SMART)


February. Registered patent for ultra-micro fluorescence detection (KR:10-1592499)
July. Acquired certificate of GMP for reagent type, which is for the use of in-vitro diagnostic medical devices (GMP)
September. Registered patent for fluorescent particles including gold nano-particles and its manufacture method (KR:10-1660399)
December. Acquired certificate of GMP for the equipment used for exclusive diagnosis (GMP)


January. Signed the contract with Wuhan JH China to supply rapid diagnostic agent/blood glucose device of immune diagnosis and strips
June. Concluded a supply contract for blood strip (USA)
July. Signed the contract to supply blood glucose devices and blood glucose strips with Qingdao China and completed the progress of          optimizing immune diagnostic products and 7 reagent products for heart disease diagnosis
October. Delegation accompanied the president’s visit to the United States (Chairman, Choi Young Ho)


April. Concluded MOU for investment promotion with Goryeong-gun
May. Concluded MOU for joint development and commercialization with RICHARD J. ROBERT INSTITUTE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY (China) and
         concluded assistance contract for research funds of international cooperative research project with Innopolis Foundation
June. Made an agreement as a company that took part in the project of vitalizing exportation of digital hospitals
         (Ministry of knowledge Economy/ Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)
November. Placed Goryeong Factory


February. Licensed as a medical device manufacturing company (KFDA) and registered 2 cases of medical device manufacture: RDT-G,
         blood sugar measuring indicator (KFDA)
April. certificate of NET (new technology): Chlamydia detecting technology that uses europium fluorescence nano-particles
         (Ministry of Knowledge Economy) / Received the certificate of GMP and CE for being suitable for manufacturing medical devices and
         standards of quality management (aQzen™ RDT-G: Rapid reader)
June. certificate of CE (aQzen™ Gluco)
July. Appointed as a company of high-technology (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
December. Appointed as an excellent company of technical commercialization in 2012 by Research and Development Area


January. Acquired written verdict of tax reduction for being a foreign-invested company of high-technology (Ministry of Strategy and Finance)
February. Licensed as a pharmaceutical manufacturing company (KFDA)
April. Reported pharmaceutical items to KFDA (3 types of malaria diagnostic kit) / certified as a venture company
         (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
June. Appointed as the start-up company of the area in 2011 (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
July. Licensed to provide pharmaceutical items to KFDA (3 types of HIV diagnostic kit)
December. certificate of UL in December (aQzen™ RDT-G)


January. First foreign-invested multi-functional high-tech complex in Daegu
March.Established MEDISENSOR,INC
December. Issued factory registration document (Daegu Seongseo Industrial Complex Management Corporation)